This is how you enter for a chance to win. We’re not sure how much stuff we’re giving away yet, but it will be a lot. The more of you who enter, the more we’ll give away.

Find the receipt in your email from whatever concert, merch, or meet and greet you purchased. It doesn’t matter if it was yesterday, or two years ago. SCREENCAP IT.

If you can’t find the receipt, no worries. Take a photo of yourself in your favorite merch from Mike. SAVE IT.

Or, if you met Mike at a Meet and Greet, and have a picture of you and Mike, that works too. SAVE THAT PICTURE.

Fill out the form below entirely. Attach the photo or screenshot you just saved. Smash that submit button, fam.

*Legal Notice: By submitting your information, you’re acknowledging that you are 18 years of age or older, and you are giving Mike Stud and/or 4 The Homies, LLC to use your photo in promotional materials on social media channels.

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